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RateSpecial Live Transfers: Quality Mortgage Leads That Convert™

check mark Guaranteed 100% Contact Rate with ONLY Fresh, Genuinely Interested, and Qualified borrowers
check mark No Cold Calling or Unreachable Leads - 100% Inbound Live Transfers
check mark Exclusive Live Transfer Mortgage Leads - We do not resell
check mark Every Live Transfer is Pre-Qualified by our trained US call centers
check mark We immediately call on leads & live transfer them in real-time
check mark Strict Filters with Multi-level lead verification
check mark CLTV, Credit, State, Loan Amount/Type & Property Type Filters
check mark Access live transfer mortgage lead data in real-time
check mark Listen to digital recordings to verify all live transfers
check mark We are production driven and have the volume to meet your needs
check mark Achieve 50-90% application rates and Industry Leading ROI
check mark You will close more loans!
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We are committed to providing the highest quality live transfer mortgage leads with minimal competition, maximum efficiency, strict filters, and a 100% contact rate with only interested and qualified borrowers.

If a live transfer mortgage lead does not meet your predefined criteria, we will gladly and expeditiously credit your account.

It is our goal to ensure that our clients are able to consistently achieve industry leading return on investment - especially in today's market.

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Our team, with over a decade of experience in the lead generation and online marketing industry at companies such as Autobytel.com, AutoTrader.com, and Low.com, has given us the experience to generate the highest quality live transfer mortgage leads and provide exceptional customer service. We are always looking to build long term relationships via our lead quality and service. Each client will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to optimize your campaign. Additionally, each client will always have at least 2 points of contact within RateSpecial Premium Live Transfers so you know you will always be able reach someone when you need to. With RateSpecial, you can rest assured you will see a significant return on your marketing investment and services not offered by any of our competitors.


At RateSpecial we focus only on Live Transfer Mortgage Leads. This allows us to provide a truly high quality service and product that our competitors cannot match. We only utilize domestic call centers and have specially trained agents who know how to handle mortgage consumers and approve or disapprove them for live transfer. We also constantly monitor the quality of our live leads as well as our data lead sources and will no longer use a source should the quality diminish. Our live transfers are always fresh, qualified and interested consumers who are looking to refinance, purchase a home, or obtain an equity line of credit today, not yesterday.


At RateSpecial, our team also possesses a deep background in the technology industry. Consequently our system is networked from the front-end to the back-end and what that means for our clients is a full service lead management system to track, receive, and manage our live leads. The lead you receive is always live and so is their lead data via any web browser or your lead management system (information such as their name, address, phone number, loan amount, property amount, loan purpose, interest rate, etc). Our clients will always be given the best technology tools to maximize their potential and preparation to close each lead. This technology is completely free to each client, as is our service portal training and best practices to receive our Premium Live Transfer Mortgage Leads.


We guarantee that every live transfer lead will 100% meet your criteria or we will not charge you for the live transfer and will gladly and expeditiously credit your account. Our leads have also consistently proven to have the highest application and closing ratios due to our live transfers process and live transfers technology, with clients achieving 50-90% application rates. Much of this is also due in part to our commitment to exclusively transfer each lead and to never resell – thereby minimizing competition. Together with our quality lead sources, exclusive live transfer process and guaranteed 100% contact rate, we have been able to consistently achieve industry leading return on investment for our clients.

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